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Ghana’s Forest Compliance Service for Export Commodities

By the Ghana Forestry Commission, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and powered by Ecometrica


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In response to market requirements for assurance that products exported from Ghana are not linked to deforestation, the Ghana Forestry Commission now has an official compliance service for Ghana’s agricultural and extractive commodities.

The service uses the up to date nationally approved forest and land use map  and legal boundary information developed by the Forestry Commission’s Resource Management Support Centre (RMSC) to provide farm level assurance on compliance with zero deforestation commodity production, for any farm or production area within Ghana.

Letter of Invitation to participate from the Ghana Forestry Commission



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An Innovative and Cost Effective Solution

The Ghana Forest Compliance Service by the Ghana Forestry Commission, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and Ecometrica

The service is open to all companies who are exporting commodities - whether crops, timber or minerals, and who are interested in providing assurance on zero deforestation to end markets, and reports will align with Cocoa and Forest Initiative reporting requirements. Interested companies are invited to register to access the map. 


Once registered on the system supply chains can be monitored and provided with an annual compliance report. The system is designed to support the monitoring of large numbers of farms at low cost. Reports are generated using authoritative data from the Forestry Commission covering areas such as:

  • Forest cover change

  • Proximity to protected areas

  • Deforestation risk


"The Forestry Commission of Ghana and our partner agencies will now be in a much stronger position to determine progress towards the Cocoa & Forests Initiative objectives and other international commitments and initiatives.”

Yakubu Mohammed, The Ghana Forestry Commission

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About Us

The Ghana Forest Compliance Service is offered by 3 organisations in partnership: 


The Ghana Forestry Commission (GFC) is the national entity responsible for monitoring the state of forests in Ghana. The technical wing of the GFC, the Resource Management and Support Centre (RMSC) is responsible for the creation, maintenance and updates to the Ghana National-land use map and providing other authoritative data to support monitoring responsible sourcing. 


The Kwame-Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) is responsible for assisting the RMSC with technical advice, quality assurance and stakeholder/community engagement on the data that is included in the Ghana Forest Compliance Service for Export Commodities. 


Ecometrica provides the digital infrastructure that enables the Ghana Forest Compliance Service to operate. The Ecometrica Mapping Platform allows users to extract advanced geospatial information for areas of interest using querying and dashboarding functionality. 


The partnership evolved from the Forests 2020 project, which was funded by the UK Space Agency, where the GFC, KNUST and Ecometrica completed technical work to improve Ghana’s land-use mapping and developed mechanisms for the data to be used for supply chain compliance monitoring.